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The HDiS website is owned, developed and run by myself, Mianne Bagger. The project is born out of many years of not only extensive reading and personal research on aspects of human physiology and diversity, but also from "living the experience" myself.

Prior to competing as a touring professional golfer, I had working-life experience in various technical fields which evolved into an interest in web development and some programming. With all of the articles, references and research papers I had collected over the years (since ~1999) I found it increasingly difficult to recall which paper referenced specific pieces of information. I needed a way to be able to recall the paper I was looking for, so while having some down-time in 2015, I put my computer brain to work.

The result is this database of my personal archive that has been is being catalogued and tagged to [hopefully] achieve easy retrieval of relevant information. While it was initially intended as a personal project, the increase in media focus on diversity in sport and policy development, prompted me to make it available for anyone that might find it of use.

From the many articles I read, it is sad that misinformation and assumptions abound (still!) and this website is my effort at providing a localised source of information on the topic. I'm hoping the HDiS site will serve to be of use to others that are researching, or interested in, the issue of Human Diversity in Sport.

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This archive is a non profit personal project.

From the database development and programming that has enabled the 200+ references to be collated (still to be added), this is a one-woman-show.

From Feb 2019, the database will be updated on a weekly basis.

If you want to contribute, don't hesitate to buy me a coffee (or more if you want 😉 ) by clicking the secure "Pay by Card" button below.

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Maybe you have some feedback on the site or would like to submit a reference to be added? If so, I'd love to hear from you.

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While I've tried to make the database as simple to use as possible, it may not be so straight forward for some.

Hopefully the brief 'Help' page will clarify how it works.